Which is Better — Wedding Magazines Vs Traditional Wedding Album

Some would have you believe traditional wedding albums are outdated and irrelevant

The ‘traditional’ album was replaced with the Fine Art Album years back and are very much coffee-table worthy in any home — ie. you won’t be hiding it away in the bottom of a cupboard like your parents or grandparents album.

Coffee table worthy wedding albums

Some would have you believe these new Bespoke Wedding Magazines are the new wedding album. Look we get it, we were the first to offer Australian couples the wedding magazine back in 2013, so we naturally love the idea of a softcover photobook like the Wedding Magazines too and even still today offer them as a more economical alternative to the fine art wedding album.

But you see, the Wedding Magazine is a different type of product. The only thing the Magazines and Fine Art Album have in common is they are a way to print and view your wedding photos.



The Wedding Magazine is a softcover photo book. It has your standard newsagent-bought magazine style of page; a thin paper stock digitally printed with a thicker paper cover – all made of paper. The nature of the magazine means they aren’t as likely to have the durability to last generations and become that heirloom album to pass down to your kids. What they are great for is to leave on your coffee table as a hand around magazine to enjoy now. We recommend adding an extra few copies to gift your parents and some spares so when the pages get dog-eared from flicking through the pages you can replace it. How long they last comes down to how well, or not, they are cared for. They definitely are a cool way to display our wedding photos but to be totally transparent, not designed to last forever, and we just want to be clear on that fact.

How To Get Your Wedding Published In A Magazine - Bespoke Wedding Magazine Albums
Love Story Wedding Magazines
Bespoke Wedding Magazine
Wedding Magazines with photos and words

The Fine Art Album is definitely on the pricer-side but you have to appreciate each one is handmade by experienced craftspeople. The thicker style page does not bend or tear which helps the longevity of the album. The layflat binding means photos are uninterrupted and can effortlessly spread across the double-page, unique to the Fine Art Album. The photos are professionally printed with archival-quality inks so your photos will look good for years to come.

Velvet Wedding Albums by The Coffee Table Book Australia
Velvet Wedding Album in red velvet with one of our NEW Album Cover Templates
Thick fine art pages with a matte finish
Layflat pages with matte finish

We don’t know about you, but we hate looking at photos under lighting where you have to move it around to avoid the overhead lights reflecting glare down on the photo making them hard to view! One of the features we love about the Fine Art Album is that the pages have a matte finish to help stop glare and light reflecting down from above for a better experience when viewing the photos.

Then you have a choice of cover materials from genuine leathers, beautiful linens and Japanese Silk fabric with as stunning texture, luxurious velvet and even photo-wrap covers.

Which is better? Well it’s like comparing fruits with vegetables — they are both edible but they are grown differently and taste different. As with albums — the construction is different with different materials. One is fully manufactured by machine whereas the other is handmade, one is made of all paper products and the other a combination of fine art paper and luxe cover materials. The differences are reflected in style, materials, longevity and naturally price.

As we opened with, we offer both products and love both products equally because of their different features and different price points. The Fine Art Albums are a quality luxury album whereas the wedding magazine is more affordable.

Our goal here is simple — The Coffee Table Book wants to provide ways for couples to print and enjoy their photos — because we truly believe photographs look better in print.

For more detailed information — Wedding Magazines HERE or Fine Art Albums HERE