What to do with your wedding photos after the big day


As we designed this custom wedding magazine for Van & Collin, we could feel the fun and love the couple have for each other bursting out of our screen!!!
It also helps having the couple provide words from their vows, speeches, lyrics and so on to fill in any gaps in their love story.

We just wanted to pop on here to share a few pages from Van & Collin’s wedding magazine design to inspire other couples to print their wedding photos.

Here at The Coffee Table Book we might be bias, but when a series of photos are laid out on a magazine page in a storytelling way, the photographs spark conversations and memories, and have way more impact and meaning than flicking through photos on a screen.

We were excited when we received Van & Collin’s photo gallery because it not only included their wedding photos, but their engagement photos and photos from their tea ceremony — we do love the colour, excitement and emotions that traditions and culture brings to a wedding!

We had already been working on introducing style kits for our wedding magazines, making Van & Collin’s magazine a great design project to trial one of our style kits on. The multiple day event leaned into the new features — a table of contents, section breaks and page numbering — included in our new Wedding Magazine Style Kits.

We can’t go any further without acknowledging the amazing team of professional Sydney wedding photographers at Two Peaches Photography who captured all these great memories for the couple.

If you are curious, the engagement photos were at Paddington Reservoir Gardens and the Sydney Opera House in Sydney. Then on the wedding day, the ceremony was at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Ingleburn, the photoshoot at the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens followed by the reception at the Imperial Paradiso in Fairfield.


As with all wedding magazines we design, each has a magazine cover that wraps the front, spine and back of the magazine that includes photos from the couples collection. Within the style kits we provide the couple with a few cover design options to choose from. We love this magazine cover design for the juxtaposition of a romantic photo of the couple on the front and a fun celebratory champagne-pop photo on the back. Along with utilising their Mr & Mrs title on the cover and their names and wedding date on the spine – all bases covered.

The new style kits include a table of contents, section breaks and page numbering throughout the magazine design to help navigate through the story of events and ability to jump to a certain section of the day. The footer contains the page number but also the couples names and wedding date, or for Van & Collin’s magazine because the events were on 3 different days, each event section has the date of that event as a subtle reminder for when those anniversaries fall — don’t worry forgetful people we’ve got you covered so you’ll never forget an anniversary again (haha).

The couple ordered our 300 page edition Wedding Magazine and multiple copies. Here are just a few pages from their wedding magazine design…

All wedding magazines also now include a free digital magazine. The digital magazine is a flip-book style online copy of your wedding magazine design that can be viewed 24/7 and easily share with your family and friends.

The back inside page of your wedding magazine will have a unique QR Code that links you direct to your digital magazine. Simply take your phone and set it to camera mode, aim it at the QR Code as if you were about to take a photo and a link will appear. Simply click the link and it will direct you to the digital magazine. Try it out below to see Van & Collin’s digital magazine.

If the phone is held in standard vertical/portrait position you can only view one page at a time. We recommend turning your phone to a horizontal/landscape position and tap the screen to view in full screen mode to view the double-page spread as if the magazine were open. Easily flick through the magazine by swiping the screen left/right or using the arrow buttons.