Wedding albums with photo-wrap covers

We have two options when it comes to the Photo-wrap album covers. A full custom photo-wrap design that appears on the front cover and folds around to the back cover. The other option has the photo on the front cover with either a fabric or leather on a small section of the front cover and then wraps around the spine and on the back cover (as pictured).

Wedding Albums With Photo-Wrap Covers

Stylish personalised wedding albums with photo-wrap covers.

Choose from two types of photo-wrap covers:

The first is a full photo-wrap cover with the custom designed cover wrapping the front, spine and back of the cover to create a truly personalised wedding album.

The second has a feature image filling 3/4 of the front cover and then either choose one of the leather or fabrics to wrap around the spine and back cover. A great way of personalising your wedding album when you cant choose between having a leather/fabric cover or a photo cover.

Featured below are some past couple’s albums which will give you some wedding album cover ideas …