Wedding Album Design For Couples



We’ve simplified the process for couples to create a wedding album with our in-house album design, print, bind and delivery service.

Simply supply us with all of your digital wedding photos and we will pick the best images from the day to use in the page layouts.

Either mail us your USB, provide a link to your online gallery of high-res images provided by your photographer or through an online service such as Dropbox or Google Drive and we will download them from your gallery.

Through our easy-to-use online proofing system, you will have the opportunity to review the album design and make changes before going to print. Ensuring all your favourite wedding day images and more make it into the album.

Simply, we do all the work for you! Your only job is to review the design, let us know any changes you want. Then after we make the changes, its as easy as approving the design to be printed and bound. The finished album is then delivered to its forever home within 3-4 weeks.

We work with couples all over Australia and can’t wait to design your album.

The majority of our clients use professional photographers to capture their wedding day. We highly recommend using a professional photographer to capture one of the most special days to occur in your lifetime and a day that cannot be repeated. Read more about why we recommend professional wedding photographers – and Yes! it does make a huge difference using quality professional photography to the finished wedding album!

For The Coffee Table Book to design a wedding album for couples, you must either own full copyright, shared copyright with your photographer, or you must have permission/rights to use the photos for personal use.

Australian Copyright Laws in the case of domestic photography (weddings and portraits) automatically gives the copyright ownership to the client. However, most professional wedding photographers have their clients sign a contract stipulating the copyright is reassigned to the photographer but the client has either shared-copyright or permission/rights to use the images for personal use. Having shared-copyright or usage rights to use the images for personal use does give you permission to print your wedding photos in one of our wedding albums. We always recommend reading contracts and making sure you understand the terms and conditions before signing. If in doubt, please read your contract or check the terms with your photographer.