CHOOSE the style of personalisation

for the album cover from our

Album Cover Template series.

We are still offering custom designed album cover personalisation — but we also wanted to offer a series of album cover templates couples can choose from.

We also have created templates using some popular wedding-related words. Again we will be adding more templates with different words and phrases in the future. If you have any suggestions, we can create a custom design using your choice of words — a quote, extracts from lyrics or a poem and so on.

Naturally the template will be edited to include your details.

And if you are having trouble deciding on an album cover template — you can choose up to 3 of your favourite templates so you can see what your name looks like in each design to help make your final decision.

Here is our current release of album cover templates but we will be adding more templates in the future.

We are super excited to start featuring these on couples albums.