Timeless Wedding Albums For The Modern Couple.

Why are we big believers that every couple should print their photos?

Yeah it’s easy now to whip out your phone and scroll through the never-ending feed of pictures from your wedding day. But, in 5, 10 or 25 years down the track when you go to show your children and grandchildren your wedding photos, can you be sure you will be able to find or access the photos on your device?

Peace of mind knowing your precious wedding photos will be around for your kids!

Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind knowing you can easily access your wedding photos! Bring out your beautiful printed photo album while sitting alongside your children/grandchildren, flipping through your wedding photos, remembering how happy you were on your special day, your children experiencing your wedding day, seeing their loved ones when they were younger, laughing at the fashion of the times and sharing your story with them. We believe wedding albums are a history book that not only illustrate the times we live in but a legacy to our ancestors.

9 Photo Albums to choose from

We offer a few sizes in our handmade fine art albums including horizontal (landscape), vertical (portrait) and square albums, and each offering 3 sizes; a large album, a medium album and a small album.

Horizontal wedding albums —

  • large 14×11
  • medium 12×9
  • small 10×8

Vertical wedding albums —

  • large 11×14
  • medium 9×12
  • small 8×10

Square wedding albums —

  • large 12×12
  • medium 10×10
  • small 8×8

note: all sizes are listed in inches

Leather Wedding Albums - The show stopper in luxury and quality
horizontal (landscape) wedding album with leather-bound cover
vertical (portrait) wedding album with velvet cover
square wedding album with leather-bound cover

Endless ways to personalise your wedding album

Album Cover Materials & Colours

From traditional leather-bound albums to luxurious linen covered albums, as well as silk, velvet, macrosuede and photo-wrap covers. Check out the full range of album cover materials and colours here

Stamping Your Names On The Album Cover

Personalising your album cover with your names and wedding date will help make your wedding album unique. We have a huge library of fonts to help suit the style of your wedding. We will present you with a selection of album cover designs to choose from during the album design process.

How Does The Same Photo Album Transform From Timeless To Modern?

By simply choosing an album cover material, colour and personalisation, we can transform your album into a classic timeless photo album or a modern wedding book for the coffee table.

Rustic Leather Wedding Album in colour Tan with clear debossing personaliation
classic leather-bound wedding album
modern leather-bound wedding book
silk covered wedding album with gold foil stamping in a boutique box

The fine print.

Your photos are professionally printed with archival-quality inks and on fine art matte paper that truly brings your photos to life.

The matte finish of the paper eliminates light reflecting from above on the page making the photos much easier to see without having to move the album around to find the best viewing angle, while still offering a photo album that is timeless, modern and beautiful.

We understand their is an significant investment in purchasing a professional quality photo album, but these photo albums become family heirlooms that will be cherished for generations to come. We only use the highest quality materials and the albums are handcrafted by master bookbinders.

We have been in the business of designing wedding albums and crafting family heirlooms since 2006 and it’s only fitting that we put as much love into creating your photo album as you did creating the memories.

We believe your investment will quickly become a priceless heirloom that you enjoy every time you open the album to relive your special day.