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Softcovered Magazine-style Photobooks for your beloved wedding day photos.
Perfect for the coffee table so you can enjoy your #bestdayever memories on a regular basis.


Love Story Magazine / A Magazine-style Photobook perfect for engagements, elopements and wedding photos by The Coffee Table Book Wedding Albums & Books.


You truly can be on the cover of a magazine … and the feature story! 


Love Story Magazine / A Magazine-style Photobook perfect for engagements, elopements and wedding photos by The Coffee Table Book Wedding Albums & Books.


Introducing The Coffee Table Book’s Love Story Magazine.


We can’t tell you how excited we are to finally launch … or re-launch the Love Story Magazine! The concept of the Love Story Magazine was visualised 2013 when we were at a photography trade show in the USA after seeing a softcovered photobook. We had been in love with photobooks since they first popped on the scene around 2005 and the entire reason around why The Coffee Table Book even began

The photographer in me thought wouldn’t it be a great way for my couples to have their wedding day story told in a way that was more than just the photos laid out on a page as seen in the traditional wedding album. We wanted to produce a softcovered book with photos, stories about the couple and their one big day through printed words to capture their vows, lyrics from the song they walked down the aisle and danced too, and design elements like seen in Frankie & Peppermint magazines, but all about the couple. The couple’s own magazine editorial.



Returning from the USA trip and an email to one of my couples “hey Lauren & Derek can you answer these questions as I’m working on a top-secret project” and thankfully they obliged. Work started on designing the first softcovered wedding magazine with the couple’s wedding photos. I sent them the printed magazine as a marketing research exercise to see what they thought. As Id hoped, they loved it and I gifted them their very own Love Story Magazine.  

We printed a few more for couples over the next year. But the photobook was printed in the USA and the exchange rate dropping considerably since the first print run, making the cost to produce and import the books just not viable to bring them into Australia. I never stopped thinking about these modern softcovered wedding books that both myself and my couples fell in love with. Even paying a small fortune to have my travel photos turned into books.

Well without further delay and reminiscing about where the Love Story Magazine started for us more than 6 years ago, The Coffee Table Book can finally offer you a softcovered magazine-style wedding photobook as an alternative to our popular fine art wedding albums.

Today we are also proud that we are printing the Love Story Magazine on home soil here in Australia on recycled paper stock.

But how is the Love Story Magazine different to our Fine Art Wedding Albums?

The first main difference is the magazine has a softcover in a thick paper stock with a beautiful photo on the cover compared to the albums having a much thicker sturdy cover wrapped in either leather, fabric or photo-wrapped. The second main difference is the thickness of the pages. The magazines are printed on what is like a standard magazine paper stock whereas the albums are a thicker page that can’t be folded. The albums are also designed to display 100-250 of the best images from the wedding day. Whereas the magazine can hold hundreds of photos as well as include words – from song lyrics to stories about the couple, poems and their personal vows. 

The Love Story Magazine is A4 Vertical (210mm x 297mm) and comes in either a 100 page, 200 page or 300 page magazine. The 100 page magazine is perfect for engagement photos and elopements. The 200 & 300 page magazines are perfect for sharing memories of the full wedding day from start to the time the couple depart under a blaze of sparklers.

The hardest part will be deciding if you want 1 copy or multiple copies so that you can share your special day with your parents, grandparents and bridal party! Oh and make sure you keep a spare or two for safekeeping.

One thing the Love Story Magazine and Fine Art Wedding Album have in common, they both are designed to be left on your coffee table to enjoy the memories regularly.

For more information visit the Love Story Magazine product information page.



Love Story Magazine // A Softcovered Magazine-Style Wedding Photobook