I can’t stress to brides and grooms how important using a professional photographer is. I see way too many couples who have gone with their friend or an amateur and not happy with their photos – and its too late after the wedding.

Your wedding photos are precious memories and should be valued. Its important to like the photographers work as well as having a great rapport. We are happy to recommend photographers we know and trust – just ask.

There are a lot of great professional photographers that come at affordable prices and don’t lock you into purchasing an album and spending ten’s of thousands of dollars – just hunt around. Most professional photographers these days offer packages where you can get high resolution images on disk so then YOU HAVE THE CHOICE OF HOW YOU WANT TO PRINT YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS – whether it be prints, canvases, coffee table books or a wedding album.

I think that is the important thing – we all want to decide and control what we want and how much we spend. That is a big part of the reason I started my business The Coffee Table Book – to encourage people to use reputable professional photographers not just because they are more expensive but because they are skilled professionals as well as running a professional business. A professional photographer ensures you get great quality photos and they are memories you will treasure for a lifetime so its important to invest in good quality photography especially if you want to display them around your home as family and friends that visit your home will be seeing them on display.

Just because someone says they are a ‘professional photographer’ or even an ‘accredited professional photographer’ or has been working in the industry for 10+ years, doesn’t necessarily mean they can produce great photographs – so its important to look at a wide range of the photographer’s work to evaluate they can repeat the quality and then compare them against other professional photographers to make sure they are the best photographer to capture your memories. Most people can capture a couple of great shots during a shoot, just make sure you evaluate a bunch of shots from one photo session and a variety of shoots by the photographer to get a feel they can produce great photographs consistently.

Also with the age of digital photography, more photographers are editing their photos and using effects – so make sure you like the treatments they are applying to their photos as Ive seen some dreadful editing from strange skin tones, over sharpening an image to losing detail through too much black in the shadows, and even out of focus shots, etc. – so its important to make sure your photograph understands editing and colour. While we are currently going through a trend of ‘vintage’ effects which can either change or desaturate skin tones – its important that the photographer understands these techniques and produces images that are pleasing to the eye. While I love the vintage feel – Ive seen both amazing photographs using this technique, but I have seen more horrible edited images and really strange colours. Its usually the rule that the more creative photographers can get away with pushing boundaries on composition and editing techniques which is usually clear when you are viewing their portfolio of work and through reputation in the industry.

When creating this business, I also wanted to make sure people had a choice of a range of products from a reasonably priced product option through to high quality products, and funky designer products that are unique. Its really all about giving people a choice based on personal tastes and something to fit your budget as we do all place different value on different things – some people really value people in their lives and the memories photos hold of those people, whereas others put more value into purchasing a home or their children’s education. We like to think we can give everyone something of value and quality no matter what your budget !

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