Ordering & FAQS

Ordering Your Wedding Album  Made Easy.

Simply supply us with your wedding photos and we do the rest.

We take the hard work out of choosing which photos to print in your album. We will go through your entire photo gallery to select the best 150-300 photos to put in the album design. We then design page layouts that best tell your wedding day story. You then have the opportunity to review the design and make changes. Then on approval, we print and bind your album design into a beautiful album that you can easily share memories from your wedding day to enjoy for many years.

The Process

Choose Your Album Style (YOU)

First, decide on what album size and cover finish you want.

Albums start with 30 pages (15 spreads), however, you can add extra pages up to 90 pages (30 spreads) to hold more photos. Then decide if you want to include more pages and if so, a rough number of extra pages (spreads) or a budget for us to work around.

Usually, most couples aren’t sure how many pages they need or how many photos they even want in the album at the point of order. We only need a rough guide at this point. Through the design process, we will present to you the best visual story of your wedding day. Then you have the opportunity to review and make changes, by either removing photos or entire spreads. You will never spend more than you are comfortable with.

Complete The Order Form (YOU)

Fill out our easy online order form here.

At the time of placing the order, we require a 50% deposit of the base album price to get the design started.

We accept payments in the form of bank transfers and credit card payments. Credit card payments do attract a 2% surcharge to cover fees.

Send Us Your Images (YOU)

Either send us a link to an online gallery or post a USB to The Coffee Table Book, PO Box 260, Northmead NSW 2152.

Culling Of The Photos (US)

On receipt of your images and payment of the deposit, we narrow the hundreds of images down to the best images to fill the pages of your album.

Design (US)

We then start designing the pages of your album to tell the story of your wedding day.

Proofing (YOU)

You are presented with an online album design to proof. This is where you have the opportunity to make changes to the design. Swap/add/remove photos as well as add/remove pages. Included in the price are two rounds of changes. After each round of changes, we will send you a revised design to proof. Once you are happy with the design you are required to approve the design before it goes to print.

Approval (YOU)

On approval of the design, we will provide you with an updated invoice to include any extra charges for additional pages, boxes etc. The balance is due upon approval of the design for your album to be manufactured.

Manufacture (US)

On approval of the design and payment of the balance owing, we edit the images appearing in the album for the best possible print quality and colour representation.  The design is then printed, the pages and cover are bound together to create the finished album.

Finished Album (US)

The finished album is delivered to its forever home. We ship albums via AusPost Registered Mail. We will email you a tracking number on despatch.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding album cost?

Prices start at $800 for an 8×8 album with 30 pages (15 spreads) included. Other sizes are available plus you can add more pages. View the full price list HERE

How many pages does an album include?

The base album includes the first 30 pages (15 spreads) and can hold anywhere between 60-90 images depending on the design. Additional pages can be added up to a maximum of 90 pages (45 spreads) for an additional cost. Most albums end up around the 70-80 pages (35-40 spreads) and can hold around 160-250 images depending on the design.

What cover options are there?

Choose from a range of fabrics and leathers in an assortment of colours. View the swatches HERE

Also available are Photo-Wrap Covers to personalise your cover. For inspiration check out these Photo-Wrap Album Covers HERE

The fabric and leather album covers can also be embossed with a custom-design, for example your names, wedding date your initials or words. We have a huge library of fonts to choose from. View designs from some past couples albums here

How many images should I choose?

There is no need to choose images – we do that for you so just send us the full collection of images your photographer supplied. However, if you would like to send us a shortlist of your favourites to ensure they make it in the album design, the best way is to create a separate folder called “favourites” only containing your favourite images and that way we will make sure they are used in the design.

How do I send my images to you?

We accept files via any online service (ie. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc) or the online gallery your photographer supplied so long as they are high-resolution digital images. Alternatively, you can post us your images on a USB to The Coffee Table Book, PO Box 260, Northmead NSW 2152.

Can you use the images supplied by our professional photographer to create a wedding album?

The simple answer is Yes.

But just so you understand who owns copyright, the Australian Copyright Law automatically assign copyright for domestic photography, including weddings and family portraiture, to the client. Where no contract is signed between the client and the photographer, the copyright belongs with the client. However, if the client enters into a contract with the photographer, in most cases the photographer will reassign copyright to the photographer. However, when they are asking you to sign over copyright in the contract, they do need to actually clearly advise you they are writing this into the contract and use the correct wording of “reassigned” or “transferring” the copyright for the contract to be legally binding in this instance.

But to avoid complicating the situation, even when the photographer is reassigned copyright, you as the client still have personal use rights. What that means is, you can reproduce/print the images for your own personal use, for example, it’s okay for us to use your wedding photos in one of our albums. Depending on the terms in the contract, the photographer may have clauses referring to the editing, usually in terms that the photos cannot be edited. It is your responsibility to let us know any specifics in terms of use around the photos you are supplying us.

If in doubt, refer back to your wedding photography contract. In the case there is no contract, as I mentioned above the client owns copyright and can use/edit the photographs in any way they wish.

For more information on Australian Copyright Legislation refer to the Australian Copyright Council website.

Can I see a draft of my album design before it goes to print?

Absolutely Yes. We will definitely provide a digital proof of your album design before going to print. There will most likely be some photos that you would like to change. We use an online proofing system so you can easily do it together from the comfort of your home. There are two rounds of changes included in the price.

What kind of paper do you use in the albums? Is it archival quality?

We print on fine art paper with a matte finish (so you don’t get that annoying shiny effect as the standard photo prints have). The pages are 1mm thick so they are more of a board thickness. They are thicker than the pages in a standard magazine or photobook (our albums are a totally different product but its the easiest way to explain) but are thick enough and sturdy so that the pages won’t tear/fold/crease. The fine art pages are truly beautiful quality and the reason we offer it as our standard album page stock.

How long do you keep the design on file incase we would like to reprint another copy?

We keep your artwork in our archives indefinitely so should you need to have another copy printed in the future we can easily access your artwork. We do offer discounted prices for reprints – please enquire.

Can I order more than one copy of my album?

Yes, generally additional copies are to gift to the parents. Providing the design is the same, the album is the same shape, and can be the same album size or smaller to qualify as a parent album. Parent albums are already discounted to allow for the design already being done for the main album.

Can your albums be used for other photography besides weddings?

Yes. Our albums are also the perfect solution for printing your family photos. We can design any type of family photo album including newborn and baby photo albums.

How do I care for my album and the best way to store my album?

Our albums are supplied with care instructions that explain the best way to store your album to ensure its longevity. All albums are supplied in a cloth bag and box or you can upgrade to a Boutique Box or Slipcase.