We think it’s fairly obvious, but we don’t want their to be any confusion — gorgeous wedding photography is always going to print a better quality wedding album!

One of the many reasons we recommend hiring a professional wedding photographer, but mainly because your wedding is a one day special event that cannot be repeated. That makes the memories captured on your special day much more precious and priceless!

Don’t risk hiring ‘the friend who loves taking photos‘ for an important occasion like your wedding day just to save a few dollars. You aren’t just paying a professional to click the shutter. There is so much more value in a professional photographer that goes out each and every weekend photographing weddings, than say an amateur or weekend snapper madly shooting every single moment like the paparazzi hit town and having the heavy responsbility of capturing your day. Let your friends enjoy being guests and leave the work to the professionals. We plead with you to not skimp on your wedding photography because you will pay the price in some way or another.

This Sydney couple certainly knew the photography style they were after to capture their special day. They brought in fine art photographers, Foreveryday Photo from overseas to photograph their wedding at one of Sydney’s finest wedding venues, Burnham Grove Estate.

The fine art wedding photography style is known for being light, bright and airy — reminiscent of the tones and characteristics captured in old-school film photography. We absolutely were swooning big time over designing this album — gorgeous photos and a beautiful cursive font to play with!

Our bride is well versed in the wedding industry, she is a calligrapher providing hand-lettered signs, personalised wishing well and easel hire for couples getting married through her business Euni & Ivy. So naturally our bride designed her own wedding stationery and signage. Make sure you go check out her beautifully curated Euni & Ivy Instagram feed.

The couple chose the 12×9 landscape wedding album in the black Premium Leather and we matched the same typefaces used in their wedding stationery in the artwork for the album cover, debossing their names, wedding date and their hashtag.

Here are a few page layouts from their fine art wedding album.


If you are interested in us creating a keepsake for your wedding day memories, there is more information on our Fine Art Wedding Photo Albums or simply contact us.