How To Re-live Your Wedding Day, Again & Again?

When you hear people talk about what they’d grab first in a house fire, it’s always the family and pets first, then the wedding album.

We can’t re-create moments or memories
that is why documenting our loves ones and important events
through photographs is important!
Your wedding day is one of those important events.

Printing your wedding pictures in a photo album helps you easily reflect on an unforgettable magical day, over and over again.

A photo can spark a memory of a time gone, when we were happy and remind us of times shared with our loved ones — connection is what makes us human.

When you print a photograph it truly comes to life. Typically, we only print the most precious memories, so that makes that printed photo priceless!

A wedding album is simply a better way to curate a series of images into a story — way better than a shoebox full of lose prints hiding at the bottom of a cupboard.

We help you create your family’s heirloom album — you supply the photographs which we will curate down to the best hundred or so images and design layouts that tell the wedding day story.

There is a choice of cover materials, lots of colours and personalisation options to create a unique album to fit your style.

During the proofing process you have the opportunity to make changes to ensure you are 100% happy before going to print.

Below are the album options available :


Fine Art Photo Albums — Genuine Leather Cover — Two Texture Options

A Premium Leather which is a full grain leather with the natural characteristics that tell you it’s genuine hide and the Classic Leather has a uniform stamped texture.

Rustic Leather Wedding Album in colour Tan with clear debossing personaliation
Wedding Album in the Premium Leather colour Rustic Tan
Wedding Album in the Classic Leather colour White

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Fine Art Photo Albums — Linen Cover — Gorgeous Colour Palette

Lots of colours to choose from including bold colours, pastels and natural tones to ensure there is something for everyone and to work with any home interior style.

Natural Linen Covered Fine Art Wedding Album
Fine Art Wedding Album with Linen cover

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Fine Art Photo Albums — Japanese Silk Cover — Elegant Texture!

The Japanese Silks have a random texture which adds an elegant look to the cover of your album.

Wedding Album with Japanese Silk Cover in a turquoise colour and silver foil stamping
Fine Art Wedding Album with the Japanese Silk cover

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Fine Art Photo Albums — Velvet Cover — Gorgeous Vintage-Inspired Colours

The velvet brings a luxurious vintage inspired look to the albums. 14 gorgeous colours from rich jewel tones like gold, burgundy, blue, green and violet to boho vibes with the blush, terracotta and greens.

Velvet Wedding Albums by The Coffee Table Book Australia
Velvet Wedding Album in red velvet with one of our NEW Album Cover Templates

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A double-page spread from our Velvet Wedding Album
The album page design showing the beautiful bride and her dog standing on a Persian rug in front of the foliage alter
An album page design showing the couple at the reception

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We can create a custom-design cover to help personalise your cover
or try our selection of Album Cover Templates


Fine Art Photo Albums — Photo-Wrap Cover — Unique For Every Couple

Each photo-wrap album cover is unique for every couple. Using one of your photos on the front cover and wraps around the entire album cover. We can embed your names into the image to further personalise the cover.

For example, here we used a photo of some foliage the photographer captured so the album can sit on your coffee table disguised as an artbook.

Fine Art Photo Albums with unique Photo Wrap Cover
Wedding Album with a unique Photo-wrap cover
An album page layout showing one image displayed uninterrupted across the double-page spread

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Wedding Magazines

The Love Story wedding magazine is a softcover photo book. Similar to a newsagent-bought magazine editorial with photos and words to tell your love story.

How To Get Your Wedding Published In A Magazine - Bespoke Wedding Magazine Albums

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