How Do I Get My Wedding Published In A Bridal Magazine

Yeah, it’s cool to get your wedding published in a popular wedding magazine or your 15 minutes of fame on a trendy wedding blog — the likes of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue Australia, Hello May, The Lane, Nouba, Polka Dot Bride, Modern Bride Magazine, Queensland Brides and so on — but consider this, you will be sharing the pages of the magazine or blog post with other couple’s weddings too. And that is even if you get through the submission process! If by chance your wedding is accepted, then it could be several months before it even makes it to print or the blog.

Wedding magazines and blogs are flooded with submissions so they can be pretty picky about what they feature. They are seeking out unique, on-trend and stylish weddings with amazing floral displays and fashionable wedding dresses to inspire future brides and grooms planning their weddings.

Imagine if you could have just your wedding featured in a magazine — your wedding photo on the front cover plus your wedding day memories filling every single page of the magazine? Not to mention filling the pages with your love story in words!

Well you can with our bespoke Wedding Magazines.

And we definitely won’t make you jump through a submission process in the hope you get featured!

Just like a glossy magazine you’d find in a newsagent, our bespoke Wedding Magazines feature a softcover and filled with editorial content about your wedding day.


How To Get Your Wedding Published In A Magazine - Bespoke Wedding Magazine Albums
The newest wedding trend for 2020 – bespoke Wedding Magazines.


As the hottest wedding trend to hit the shelves in 2020, couples who are looking for a more affordable way to print your photos than a traditional wedding photo album — the bespoke Wedding Magazine is for YOU!


How To Get Your Wedding Published In A Magazine - Bespoke Wedding Magazine Albums


Each cover is custom designed using your photos and can include your names, wedding date, wedding venue and location too.



The pages filled with your wedding pictures and written words that you provide — anything from your vows, lyrics from songs, poems, love quotes, guest list, bridal party and even all your suppliers that contributed to the special day.



Literally hundreds of photos …



All the details that made your day special and unique …



Words and pictures that will take you back to that very moment.



The Wedding Magazine is A4 size, perfect for the coffee table.

They come in 100 page, 200 page and 300 page editions to allow for heaps of photos. No more having to cram in lots of teeny photos on each page. There is plenty of space to let the stories play out and let the images breathe on the page.

The 100 page edition is ideal for engagement session photos and elopements. Whereas the 200 page and 300 page editions are more suited to wedding day photos.



Design is included in the price so all you need to do is send us your photos and any wording you wish to include and we do the rest! Simply provide us with a link to your online gallery or post us a USB.

No waiting months to receive your magazines either! The first draft is sent to you within 10 business days to review where you have the opportunity to make changes to ensure you are 100% happy with the selection of photos and design. From design approval you will receive your magazines within 3 weeks.

For more information on our Wedding Magazines CLICK HERE or contact us.


How To Get Your Wedding Published In A Magazine - Bespoke Wedding Magazine Albums