How much does a wedding album cost? Printing Our Most Precious Memories & Family Photos!


How much does a professional wedding album cost in Australia?


We can throw around figures and tell you how much a wedding album costs, but that’s not quite the point. Everything has a cost, but value is not the same as cost.

To value something usually has more to do with how important something is. And each person sees value differently. We all have different ideas about what is important to us. Some people value material things, while others value relationships. There is no right or wrong answer, its just where we place our values taught through life lessons and experiences.

Some of us place value in the memories of our loved ones and will print photos, while others are satisfied with keeping them in digital format.

If you are like us here At The Coffee Table Book and are addicted to printed photos, then you will naturally gravitate more to printing your precious wedding day memories in a beautiful professional quality wedding album. With an album you have a lot more space to share the important images as well as extra images that you might not necessarily hang on a wall.

How much does a wedding album cost? Let our professional wedding album designers show you why you should invest in a wedding album!


What to do with your photos after the wedding?

You have received your digital photos from your photographer, but what do you do with them now? Maybe print a few of your favourite photos and frame them to hang on the wall or you could tell your wedding day story in a beautiful keepsake wedding album.


What Size Wedding Album Should I Get?

We have horizontal albums as well as square albums and both sizes are equally as popular as the other.

The horizontal (landscape) albums are available in three sizes:

  • 14×11
  • 12×9
  • 10×8

The square albums are available in three sizes :

  • 12×12
  • 10×10
  • 8×8

All sizes are in inches.


Making your wedding album as unique as your wedding!

Choose from a range of album cover materials to personalise your album and tie in with the style of your wedding. Choose from …

  • Wedding Albums with Leather Covers
  • Wedding Albums with Fabric Covers
  • Beautiful Linen Covered Wedding Albums
  • Luxurious Wedding Albums covered with Japanese Silk
  • Photo-Wrap Covered Albums
  • Combination Photo-Wrap & Leather/Silk Covered Albums


albums with leather covers

The Leather Album Collection has your classic Black, Navy, Ivory & White leathers, but there are some other great alternative colours too. Blossom has proved popular over the last few years to match the soft pink bridesmaids dresses. Seabreeze is a paler blue and Nougat a sandy brown tone works well with many on trend weddings. Personally we are loving the Buttermilk a gorgeous yellow leather.

There is also a more rustic range of darker leathers, all falling into different shades of browns, which are perfect for a more masculine country wedding appeal.


albums with fabric covers

Linen Covered Wedding Albums - Professionally Designed Wedding Photo Albums Australia

In our fabric covered album collection, choose from beautiful materials like linens and Japanese silks.


beautiful linen covered albums

The Linen Album Collection has a huge range of fun, bold colours and the natural textures work well on the country wedding albums.


luxurious silk covered albums

The Japanese Silk Album Collection has some beautiful pastel and muted tones with have a more earthy organic colour palette.


photo-wrap covered albums

The Photo-Wrap Album Collection is where the album is wrapped with a photo from your wedding images for a truly unique cover. We generally like to keep the Photo-Wrap Covered Albums free of text for a more subtle design, however, we can embed text into the photo if you want your names on the cover.


combination photo-wrap and fabric or leather

Can’t decide on a cover? why not chose the combination of a photo and fabric or leather!

Photo-Wrap & Fabric or Leather Covered Wedding Albums - Professionally Designed Wedding Photo Albums Australia

The Combination Photo-Wrap & Fabric/Leather Album Collection is not too different to the Photo-Wrapped Album but in this case, the a photo from your wedding images is used on about 90% of the front cover and then the remaining 10% of the front cover along with the spine and back cover of the album features your choice of fabric or leather. We generally go with a fabric or leather colour that compliments the colours in the photo on the cover. Again like the Photo-Wrap Album, we generally like to keep the cover free of text for a more subtle design, however, we can embed text into the photo if you want your names on the cover.


embossing the album cover

The leather albums and fabric albums can also be embossed on the cover. For example embossing your names and wedding date. There are 7 colour foils to choose from including Gold, Silver, Black, White, Copper, Rose Gold, Turquoise as well as Blind Embossing (clear) which shows off the colour of your album cover for a tone-on-tone effect.

When it comes to the design of your embossing, we can basically use any fonts available. There are literally thousands of fonts to choose from! We can even match the embossing to your wedding invitation font. Just be mindful that more complicated script fonts can be harder to emboss because of the fine detail, so there is an exception rule, but we are more than happy to offer advice. But as we said, there are thousands of fonts to choose from that Im sure we will find something to suit the style of your wedding.


Let’s talk wedding album pricing!

The cost of our wedding albums start from as little as $800 for a 8×8 square album with 15 spreads (30 pages). However our most popular albums are the 10×10 square album or the 14×11 horizontal album.

The album price includes which ever leather, fabric or photo cover you wish from the album cover swatch kit, the first 15 spreads (30 pages) of your album design, the initial design and usually 2-3 rounds of changes gets us to the approval stage. Additional pages up to 45 spreads (90 pages) can be added to your design at an additional cost.

We find most couples end up with around a 25-40 spread (50-80 page) album in order to tell the wedding day story from start to finish including all the important moments.


Beautiful Presentation Boxes

In addition to the album we offer two kinds of presentation boxes for keeping your album protected over the years – a Clamshell Box and Slipcase. Both box types are optional extras.

There is the luxurious Clamshell Box which has a lovely ribbon closure and limited to just the 14×11 and 12×12 size albums. The Clamshell Box can be covered in any of the album cover materials to match your album cover.

Then we have the sophisticated Slipcase for a more modern appeal. However, the Slipcase is only available in the fabric range so you can choose from Linens & the Silks only (not the leathers).


Why does a wedding album cost so much?

Now that we have gone through the specifics of whats included in your wedding album cost, we would like to share with you a little behind the scenes so you can understand the process of creating one of our beautiful fine art wedding albums.

After receiving your images, our designers will go through your photo collection, image by image, and select the best images that tell the story of your special wedding day.


A wedding album contains more than just a handful of random images,
but a well thought-out selection of images that tell a story.


This is why we like receiving the full photo collection from our clients, because often while certain photos may not seem important to the couple or an image that our client doesn’t value, we find images that add to the story and will make the design and flow of the album more cohesive. That’s the whole reason our couples bring us in to the album design process, because our eye for detail, good design and ability for storytelling.

The next step is to design the page layouts using those best-of images. We use modern design techniques to layout the images and tell each part of the day. We will also do a design for the album cover to give an indication of what the finished album will look like. We then send the artwork for the layouts and album cover to the couple to proof. We use an super efficient online proofing system which allows us to work with clients all over Australia or the world – no matter if you are in a big city or in an isolated corner of the country – so long as you have internet access, we can work with you on creating a wedding album.

The couple can easily sit down in their own time and proof the album design, leaving comments as they go for any changes they require. We usually find 2-3 revisions will get you to approving the album design, ready for the next phase. Printing the design and manufacturing the album.

The album pages are printed on beautiful fine art paper with a matte finish by one of Australia’s leading professional printing labs. The pages are then bound together, before the cover is fixed in place. This entire process is a manual hands-on approach and labour intensive to ensure the highest quality product by master craftsmen in Australia.

Then your album is shipped to you usually within 3 weeks from approving the album design.

If you are still asking Why Does A Wedding Album Cost So Much? The Real Question Is Why Don’t You Value Printing Your Most Treasured Memories and Family Photos!


Cost To Print A Wedding Album?

The full price list for our wedding albums and parent albums is on our website so their are no nasty surprises or hidden costs at the end.

For the Wedding Album Price List click here

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