Our wedding albums are of the finest professional quality and their contemporary style is deserving of a place on your coffee table. They are more like an art book than a wedding album!

After the wedding day has passed, you are left with just the memories. Most couples spend a large part of their wedding budget on professional photography, but then go and leave the memories sitting on a USB in the bottom of a draw. Where they are waiting to get lost, technology outdates or simply the device fails.

We all witnessed Apple removing DVD drives from their MacBooks in favour of USB slots. But what will the next advances in technology bring? We actually don’t know. Your precious memories deserve to be treated better!

Besides wedding albums being a tangible backup of your most precious memories, they are simply just beautiful.

Maybe it’s nostalgia kicking in from when I was a kid, way before digital cameras existed, and looking through printed photos kept in shoe boxes or albums.

Scrolling through images on a computer screen just doesn’t do justice to the art and creation of a photograph. Back in the days of film photography, every captured frame was precious because it wasn’t as easy, it certainly wasn’t cheap by the time you purchased the film, had it processed and printed.

While technology has come along way in the digital era, still a lot of skill, experience and expense goes into creating an image. There is the cost of the camera, lenses, memory cards, batteries and chargers, the computer. But that doesn’t even address the hours and hours spent learning techniques and the craft of photography to create a beautifully exposed, colour corrected image. Nor does it address the cost for a professional photographer to operate a business. It would be a mistake to underestimate the value of a photograph and a professional photographer.

There is something special about curling up in a chair and flicking through printed photos. Photographs that someone has taken a lot of care to produce, to capture a beautiful storytelling image of a moment in time, that will now live on forever.

This is why we need to print photographs.

Wedding albums are a great way to collate a collection of images and put them together in a beautiful story.

Slapping a bunch of images on a page is not our way of doing things. Our experience as wedding photographers and designers, allows us to look for stories in images and how to tell that story as a bigger picture encapsulating the entire wedding day.

Below we tell the love story of Chloe & Anthony’s romantic garden wedding in one of our stylish fabric covered Fine Art Albums with copper foil embossing to personalise their album.

The dark blue linen fabric ties in beautifully with the groom’s navy blue suit. The album has a matching slipcase.  It’s important to choose a cover fabric that ties into the wedding colours for consistency but will also fit in with the interior styling of the room in where you wish to display your album. There are many cover colours to choose from to suit every interior or style – from photo-wrap covers, to natural and bold coloured linens, and sexy leathers.



Hello, do you have a price list? I am looking to have a book made with about 50 pictures. Thank you

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