Album Design Service For Professional Photographers

One of the biggest complaints we hear repeated
by professional photographers is lack of work/life balance!

What if we told you we have a solution?
Outsourcing Your Album Design And Better Serve Your Photography Clients

You’re a professional photographer and you know you should be selling albums but you’re too busy or just find the process of designing and printing albums overwhelming.  We are here to help!

Outsourcing your album design to a professional, experienced album designer, will allow you to spend time on your business rather than in your business, developing marketing strategies to increase revenue and spend time doing what you love – photography, all without sacrificing quality and ability to better serve your clients.

We can design albums for your brides and grooms as well as portrait clients — from family albums to maternity and newborn photo albums.

We offer three services to portrait & wedding photographers :

1. Album Design Only

2. Album Design + Printed Album + Delivery

3. Album Referral Program


Over the years we have received wedding album orders directly from couples who have had some of Australia’s best wedding photographers photograph their wedding and we wanted a way to give back to the photographer, because we know only too well that the photo albums with great photography are more beautiful.

Simply register your photography business and when we receive an order from one of your clients, we will pop a thank you payment in your bank account for literally doing nothing — besides taking the gorgeous photos that your client loved enough to print !!!

Once your application is approved, whether the client simply stumbles upon our albums of their own accord or whether you refer them to us, we will honour the thank you payment.

* We will also add you to our online directory of photographers. As Australia’s original and longest running album design business (yep since 2006), we continually organically rank on page 1 of Google for wedding albums and maybe that little extra bit of Google juice we can give back through a backlink might help your page ranking improve as well as some passive income from doing nothing but filling out a little old form. To learn more contact us HERE.


Do you like the idea of doing one less thing in your photography business?

As a business owner, you should know that time is your most valuable asset. Not only will our album design service compliment your business, but you will also be rewarded by getting back time to spend on the business, working on personal projects or valuable time with your family. 

With our approach to modern minimalist designs, exceptional personal service and high-quality fine art albums, we will add value to your business through gorgeous photo albums your clients can enjoy and share.

Having clients share their photos with their friends through a beautiful tangible product like an album is the best free advertising for your photography business.


Why outsource your album design?

A photographer’s workload has increased with the introduction of the digital camera :

  • an increase in number of images being taken per shoot
  • time spent culling thoursands of images to a more reasonable amount of images to present to the clients
  • backing up and archiving files/images
  • wedding photography is a highly competitive industry, from other professionals, to the weekend shooter, a photographer needs to spend more time marketing their business and other business activities to bring in the work
  • social media guzzling up your hours
  • but also editing – in the day of the film photography, photographers would send the film to the print lab and the lab would correct the files, but with the age of computers, photographers now spend more time in front of the computer screen than ever before

More and more photographers are outsourcing their post production and album design to focus their time on being out in the field photographing or in the studio selling, which is where a photographer is the most profitable! — definitely not stuck behind the computer designing an album. Simply leave it to us because this is what we love doing!

If you don’t have sufficient time or skills to dedicate to designing a beautiful story through the album layouts that truly represents your gorgeous photography or simply hate selling, you may as well be throwing money down the drain.

If you are an emerging photographer or semi professional photographer, you might simply not have the time outside of your day job and building your business to provide albums to your client. For one you are not servicing your clients properly — because all photographers know photos look better in print ;). Outsourcing your album design can be the way to service your clients properly as well as educate them on the value of photographs.  With our help your images will present better in an album while you are still learning the skills required, and the better your images and album designs look, the more clients you will attract.

Just compare the time wasted and lost revenue sitting behind your computer versus the time you will gain by outsourcing your design. We are confident you will see the value it adds to you, your business and your family’s lives.


Design Style

Our design approach is contemporary, and will let your images take pride of place on the page in a beautiful storytelling manner. Our designs will simply elevate your stunning photography.

We will design contemporary layouts using your images, according to your preferred album manufacturer’s specifications, or we can arrange the album manufacture on your behalf.

Either send us the full gallery of edited photos and we will curate the best images for the design or send us your selection of favourites — there is no extra either way.


Album Design Pricing

Please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page for pricing.


Placing an order & supplying images

For all jobs, first please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page for pricing.

Please provide high resolution edited JPG files. Files can be supplied via Dropbox, Google Drive or online photo gallery service. Simply provide the link in the order form and let us know any password/PIN details to access the folder where relevant. If you prefer to send us the files on USB or portable harddrive, on receipt of your order we will provide you with details on how to send us your images.


Payment Terms

A deposit of $150 is required at time of order placement to start the job. The balance in due on approval of the design.


Artwork Proofing

For the Design Only and Design + Album services, we will supply digital proofs for your clients to review.


Artwork Approval To Print

Design Only

On approval of the design, print ready artwork will be provided as high resolution .jpg files at 300dpi in Adobe RGB or as per the album manufacturers specifications. Print ready artwork will be delivered to you via a Dropbox folder link for you to download or in the case you have ordered the album through us we will take care of the printing and having the album manufactured. 

Design + Album

On approval of the design, we will have the album manufactured and delivered.