Album Cover Materials & Colour Swatches

Album Cover

Choose from the following materials:

  • genuine leathers
  • fabrics – linen, silks & buckram bookcloth. Linen is a fabric made up of various cotton-like fibres. Whereas buckram is a stiff cotton-like cloth with a loose weave. The buckram is usually soaked in a wheat starch paste or glue to harden it up and hold the weave together, almost like a shiny canvas.
  • photo-wrap – a custom designed cover utilising your photos that wraps around the entire album { front cover, spine & back cover }
  • photo-wrap & leather/fabric combination – one image on the front cover of the album filling 3/4 of the front cover, with your choice of leather or fabric to cover the spine and back cover { the leather/fabric starts on the front cover with approx 1-1.5″ visible on the front, then wraps around the spine to the back cover }

Cover design options :

Emboss the bride and groom names and wedding date for a personal touch

Leather and fabric covered albums can be embossed with custom design. For example the bride and groom names and/or wedding date. We have a huge library of typefaces/fonts available. If you have a specific typeface/font preference or ones used in your wedding stationery, just let us know the name of the typeface/font and we will review it to see if it is suitable for embossing. We will custom design artwork for the embossing to create an original cover. Whether it’s a simple block font or something more creative … view some of our past album cover embossings here

There are a few different colours available for the embossing too. Choose from Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Black, White & Turquoise foils as well as Blind (clear) embossing.  Refer to the Embossing Foil Colours below.

Album Cover Colour Swatches

Album Cover – choose from Linen, Asahi Japanese Silk, Buckram and Leathers.
Clamshell Box – choose from Linen, Asahi Japanese Silk, Buckram and Leathers.

Slipcase – choose only from Linen, Asahi Japanese Silk & Buckram.





Album Cover Embossing


Choose from Black, Blind (clear), Copper, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, Turquoise & White.

Note: Blind embossing is clear to show through the colour of the cover material underneath.
Eg. if the cover was a coloured leather such as red, your embossing would show through the red leather. 

Below is a sample of the Blind (clear) embossing on a leather cover.