A New Fine Art Album With A Velvet Cover — Bohemian & Vintage Vibes

Introducing our new Fine Art Album with a luxurious velvet cover! The soft plush velvet has a vintage feel with romantic charm.

Velvet Wedding Albums by The Coffee Table Book

Choose from 5 stunning jewel tones including Ruby, Silver, Sapphire, Obsidian and Emerald.

Available in the square and vertical/portrait shape — 11x14V, 9x12V and 8x10V or 12×12, 10×10 and 8×8.

The featured album is a 9x12V in the Velvet Ruby Red with one of our NEW Album Cover Templates.

Velvet Wedding Albums by The Coffee Table Book Australia
Velvet Wedding Album in red velvet with one of our NEW Album Cover Templates
Thick fine art pages with a matte finish
Layflat pages for uninterrupted photos across the double-page spread
One of our NEW Album Cover Templates
A bohemian styled wedding in a warehouse space with persian rug and a foliage arbour
The Rue De Seine Bridal Gown hanging on a beautiful imported French farmhouse timber cupboard – we love featuring all the pretty details in the album layouts!
The beautiful bride before she walks down the Persian rug aisle
Puppy needs a flower crown too ..
The grooms details are just as important as the brides so we gave him a full double page spread too
Make that first kiss moment as husband and wife count
We love allowing space for the bridal portraits to breathe, uncluttered on the page and let the wedding day love story unfold naturally.
A romantic moment filling the entire double-page spread
The layflat binding is unique to the fine art albums and doesn’t interrupt the middle of the page, therefore allowing photos to run right across the double-page
The ruby red Velvet wedding album works perfectly with this bohemian styled wedding photoshoot with pops of burgundy and rich reds in the bride’s red lips, bouquet and florals
We incorporate more photos into the design for the pages that feature guests, like the congratulations and reception, because we know your loved ones are an important part of your special day!
And so the party begins … make sure you allow for these fun moments to unfold in your wedding album as they are as equally important … its where the fun (and embarressing) moments happen .. haha

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