A Couples Coastal Bohemian Wedding Photos In A Printed Magazine — Osteria Tweed Coast Wedding

Venue: Osteria at Casuarina, Tweed Heads
Photographer: Roost Film Co.

There is no better way to share your wedding day memories than printing your photographs — and our Custom Wedding Magazines are a brilliant way to share not only your favourite wedding photos but hundreds of your precious memories.

Watch the above video of a Wedding Magazine we created for this gorgeous boho styled couple and their coastal bohemian wedding at Osteria on the Tweed Coast. Hopefully we can provide some inspiration for your coastal wedding.

We custom design a cover for your Wedding Magazine — get inspired here by magazines we have created for past clients. The cover can be as simple as the one featured below with just the couples names, or we can add your wedding date and venue details.

The benefits of these bespoke Wedding Magazines is you get to include more photos than in a traditional wedding album. Literally sharing hundreds of photos, way more than just the limited must-have photos.

The Wedding Magazines are an editorial-style journal of your wedding day and that means we can also incorporate written words throughout the design. The words could be your ‘How We Met’ or ‘The Proposal’ stories, to the story about the bride’s dress.

Telling the full wedding day story, starting with the fun getting ready moments with the girls & guys and when dad/mum/bridal party get a first look at the bride.

Naturally the important parts of the ceremony, but with the ability to include written words — include your his and her vows that made your partner tear up or the guests break into laughter, and the fun moment you exit the ceremony as Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs. Also adding in a variety of family photos.

Again you aren’t just limited to a handful of your favourite bridal portraits. Include photos of your besties that stood beside you in your wedding party. And not just the serious portraits either, we make sure we include the fun story telling images too.

We also make sure we include all the wedding reception fun. From your grand entrance, to the speeches, candid photos of yourselves and guests, cake cutting, first dance, and the crazy moves on the dancefloor. Again because we can print words in your custom Wedding Magazine, including speeches, lyrics from songs (or just extracts from the song that have the most meaning), to crediting your wedding vendors.

We love including all the details that play homage to the hardworking wedding vendors that made your day special. As the wedding planner you spend hours on Pinterest creating moodboards and deciding how to decorate your wedding venue, picking flowers, selecting food, drinks and music to ensure your guests enjoy themselves, and OMG wedding cakes are getting as elaborate as wedding dresses. The Wedding Magazine allows plenty of room to showcase all these little details and credit the supplier that helped make your wedding day unique to you.

If you are looking for a different, modern photo album then a Custom Wedding Magazine might be for you.