The Importance Of A Wedding Photo Album

While many couples don’t believe having a wedding photo album is an absolute must-have now that they get their photos in digital form, we still believe there is a place for the printed photo album.

Scrolling through photos on a screen just doesn’t compare with touching and feeling the pages of the album as you flick through a printed wedding photo album. Nothing compares to seeing your photos in print!

Yes you can look at them on the computer, but it’s uncomfortable sitting in an office chair for hours even days sifting through hundreds of photos, especially after a long day at work sitting in front of a screen. You are only ever going to share a few photos on Instagram of the highlights of the day, but what happens when you want to dig out a photo of a loved one? You could share the entire wedding gallery on Facebook, but what about privacy? you don’t have control over who sees those photos on Facebook!

But an album in front of you ensures you are in control of who gets to look at your most precious memories from one of the most intimate and personal events in your life.

Most people will say, if their house was on fire, after they grab their loved ones and pets, the next thing they grab will always be the photo album. Here are 5 reasons as to why it’s important to print your photos in a wedding album.


1/ Do it for the family.

When the wedding is over, your photographs are one of only tangible things you will have left to remember the day. While it’s great to have the digital files, an album is treated as a precious object. An album will be passed down the generations therefore you need something that will withstand the changes in technology. Since digital photography began, we have seen CDs & DVDs come and go, USBs are being phased out (just look at the Mac computers that are already DVD-less) and moving towards online storage. But do you want to leave your most precious memories of loved ones to the server-gods? Yes it’s dramatic, but we live in times where terrorism will mean attacks on networks and with that the risk of losing data grows. Ten even twenty years from now, you’ll be able to sit down with your family and show them your wedding album. You can’t guarantee the same with your digital photos.

Why you should never skimp on wedding photography - family time with parents over wedding album


2/ Print Your Photos.

Choosing a wedding album is a personal choice. Some people love looking at photos on screens, while others prefer printed photos. There is no wrong or right answer, it just comes down to different values. But all those photos that sit on a harddrive or USB at the bottom of the draw (if you can’t find it in a few years time that is), easily get forgotten about. Yes in the first few months after the wedding you will likely look at them several times, but as life continues, you look at them less until comes the time where you haven’t looked at them for years. Then they get lost among all the other thousands of photos of holidays, the arrival of the first and second baby, and family events. But one day those babies will grow into children that will want to know about their mum and dad’s wedding day. This is the time when a wedding album becomes priceless.


3/ Priceless Family Legacy.

After a few years the wedding album no longer has a price tag but an investment in your family’s legacy. It’s not really for you now, but your children and grandchildren will be glad you invested in having your wedding photos printed in an album in the future. Albums came in a number of shapes and sizes meaning there is an album that will accommodate most budgets.

Parent Albums - parents & grandparents looking at wedding photo album & books


4/ Plan Ahead To Get The Album Done.

Often couples will store the digitals on their computer and plan to print them or create their own book, but that rarely eventuates. It’s best to trust someone else to take on the job to design and print your wedding album to ensure your wedding album actually gets printed. Hey did you know, paper is the traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary!

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5/ Photos Were Meant To Be Printed.

We here at The Coffee Table Book honestly just love albums, that’s why we are in the business of designing and printing wedding photo albums. It really is that simple – photos were meant to be printed to truly enjoy them. That is also why we never include all the photos in the album. It’s about choosing the most beautiful and meaningful images that represent the bride and groom and their loved ones. Memories of people that you will want to have close by at all times. That is why we produce high-quality photo albums that blend with your home furnishings and believe albums have a place on your coffee table.

If your wedding budget allows, definitely plan from the start to invest in a wedding album. You won’t regret it – that’s our guarantee.

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