So what are the biggest wedding trend prediction for 2020? ⎯ Print is not dead!

With the explosion of social media and Instagram over the last couple of years, and our feeds being flooded with photo after photo and concerns over privacy as well as mental health, 2019 was the year where people started pulling back from social media and not so eager to share their lives with the world. Even Instagram acknowledged the role social media can play in mental health and wellbeing that they removed like counts from being displayed to followers.

We are heading back towards keeping our special moments private and printing those most precious memories. We have seen an incline in printing photos (and albums) again in a big way since Polaroids came back into fashion a few years ago, everything from creative DIY home decor projects using a handful of photos through to photo books.

Talking of photo books, while we introduced the Love Story Magazine back in 2013 it was on hiatus for a few years ⎯ but the new and improved version which is printed locally here in Australia is back for 2020 weddings. We predict the wedding magazine to be a huge trend this year as the alternative wedding album.


2020 Wedding Trends - The Editorial Wedding Magazine, Love Story Magazine


If you haven’t heard of our Love Story Magazine ⎯ it is an editorial style wedding magazine. But rather than competing with other couples for pages in a wedding magazine ⎯ like Vogue Bride, Hello May, Modern Wedding, Harpers Bazaar, Together Journal and so on ⎯ the Love Story Magazine is ALL ABOUT YOUR WEDDING. Your favourite wedding photo on the front cover and every page filled with your love story. Your very own wedding magazine editorial!


The Editorial Wedding Magazine is an alternative wedding album for non-traditional weddings


With non-traditional weddings a huge trend over recent years and a conscious decision for couples to adopt the ‘your wedding your way‘ motto, these non-traditional wedding albums will make a huge splash in the wedding industry in 2020.

If you chose a natural, candid or editorial style wedding photographer, it makes sense to print your photos in an editorial style magazine to show off all those amazing storytelling moments captured by the photographer in their editorial style of photography.

Our prediction for 2020 wedding trends is that these editorial style wedding magazines will be hitting the shelves in many homes of couples getting married in 2020. They make a great coffee table display for your forever after memories.

For more information on our editorial wedding magazines, visit the product page HERE or shop the Love Story Magazine HERE.

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