20 Ways To Make Your Wedding Magazine More Personalised & Stylish!

Introducing — 20 Font Kits To Choose From To Style Up & Personalise Your Wedding Magazine Written Content

Our Wedding Magazines are a popular alternative to the traditional wedding album. Custom designed with not only hundreds of your wedding photos, but we add in written content too, such as your vows, speeches, guest list and so on, just like a magazine editorial but YOU GET TO BE THE STARS.

Using fonts suited to your wedding photography style is an important ingredient for creating a beautiful and cohesive magazine design.

To view more ways we can incorporate written content in our Wedding Magazines take a look at these designs:


Font selection deserves an equal amount of attention as curating your wedding photos!

Fonts help set the tone of your wedding magazine design. Pairing a Font Kit with your style of wedding photos will pull your wedding magazine design together to be cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

The Font pairings decide which information needs to be highlighted within your written content. By utilising different font characteristics (ie. Serif, Sans-serif, etc) and font families such as ALL CAPS, bold, italics and different weights, help highlight key information as well as making the written content more interesting to the eye.

We are officially launching our new 20 Font Kits to help with the direction of your wedding magazine design and make your special memories look polished and professional.

We gathered our favourite typefaces from the last 12 months to help create The Coffee Table Book’s Font Kit Collection.


Important things we considered when choosing the typefaces for our 20 Font Kits:

Legibility — are the fonts easy to read?

When including a page full of text with heartfelt words, for example your Dad’s speech, the whole point of including written words in your Wedding Magazine is to be able to return at any point to read the words which hold huge sentimental value. You don’t want to be struggling to read the story because of a font that isn’t easily read and risk missing out on those important words!

Especially for long paragraphs of words — we have made sure to include Font Kits with easily legible fonts for lots of text.

Type Characteristics — to keep YOUR Written Content interesting!

We’ve used a variety of type characteristics pairings in the Font Kits to offer up styles for all kinds of weddings. Sans-serif fonts have contemporary written all over the page and easy-to-read. Trendy Serif fonts inspired by fashion and art editorial magazines tend to vere more to the traditional side while yet still having modern vibes. Gorgeous Handwritten script fonts that have an organic, whimsical and romantic look and feel.

Pairing fonts together with different characteristics helps add interest and has helped us create what we believe to be 20 Amazing Font Kits For The Wedding Magazines.

Font Families — to assist in emphasising different words!

Many of the Font Kits also include variations utilising ALL CAPITALS, Bold, Italics and different line weights. Another way to keep your written content interesting while ensuring the fonts are complimentary as they are part of the same family!


5 Font Kits With A Modern Fashion Magazine Editorial Vibe

These editorial fonts are inspired by fashion and art magazines, and while they are timeless classics they also have a fresh modern appeal. They are some of our favourite typefaces to use in our couples wedding magazine designs.

3 Font Kits With Easy-To-Read Contemporary Fonts

We couldn’t go past offering some contemporary typefaces for those that love minimalism and will compliment your wedding magazine design.

3 Font Kits With Gorgeous Handwritten Script Typefaces With All The Romantic Wedding Vibes

Over recent years, handwritten style typefaces have become popular in wedding stationery and for a very good reason — the casual nature and look of handwritten and script fonts suit couples desire for a more relaxed wedding day and a casual font is therefore fitting. These font kits also offer up a soft romantic and feminine feel.

6 Unique Font Kits To Add A Fresh Vibe To Your Wedding Magazine Design

For those that like something a little different, we hope one from our unique font kits grabs your attention. We love each of these for different reasons and can’t wait to see them appearing in your wedding magazines.

3 Classic Font Kits To Add An Elegant & Romantic Style To Your Wedding Magazine Design

For those that love traditional lettering, these elegant Font Kits are for you. The script font brings modern romance to the forefront of the magazine design.


We’re here to help you create a beautiful keepsake that reflects your unique wedding day through our Bespoke Wedding Magazines.

The unique side of our wedding magazines over wedding albums, is that on top of displaying your photos, you can also include written copy. For example — your vows, speeches, your how we met and proposal stories, wedding party names, guest list, vendor credits, pull quotes from song lyrics and so on — just like a magazine editorial.

This is where the Font Kits come into the magazine design. The typefaces we use in the magazine design help set the tone of your wedding day. For example, if your wedding photographer captured your day in a way that was more fashion editorial, we’d use one of our font kits that are more suited to an editorial style magazine.

You can either let us know during the “hunt and gather” part of the design process which Font Style Kit you prefer or leave it to us to pick one that suits your wedding vibe.

We then use the fonts from the Style Kit throughout the written content of your magazine design in various forms; sentence case, all capitals, various weights, as well as regular, bold and italics. This includes and written content on the magazine cover, title page, section pages, headings, subheadings, paragraph text as well as any pull quotes from song lyrics, vows, speeches, wedding party names, guest list and vendor credits.

Visit our product page for more information on our Wedding Magazine and help you choose which Font Style best suits your wedding magazine design.